Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Lady Doth Protest Too Much

We have another one of many governmental charletons in our midst, and this one's a doosie.

This jackass Rob Blogojevich may be the grand marshall of the "I'm So Dumb I Think I'm Smart" club. Last night he was on David Letterman pleading his case, I mean PLEADING. It was like watching a crack addict try to tell the cops he wasn't high. His eyes buldged, his mouth moved like it was connected to a high speed, turbo-charged squirrel that had too many fermented nuts in its cheeks, and his body language screamed, I'M UNCOMFORTABLE IN MY OWN SKIN! .

This guy is not only trying to convince the world of his innocence, he is actively pursuing his own memory in an effort to erase some pretty ugly tattoos that even he can't stand to look at. My guess is that he thinks that if he says he is a virgin enough, it will be true.

Here it is in all his glory...........

I can see it now, Rob Blogojevich is going to spend the rest of his life pursuing the REAL corrupt politician.

Can a book called, If I WERE the Real Scumbag, How Would I Screw My Constituents?, be far behind?

Hey, maybe he can call O.J. to find out how he can get back his stolen governorship and not get caught, like the real killer did.

Enough Rob..........go home and soak your head so maybe all that shit in your hair will wash out and free up some oxygen for that suffocating gray matter.

Life is good. I'm going fishing, care to join me?

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