Thursday, February 11, 2010

Okay...Enough of the White Stuff. When are we going fishing?!

It came down hard and heavy all day yesterday, nothing outside was spared of winter's wrath in these parts.  This one was taken yesterday around 4PM from the living room window - that's the front "yard".

This one was taken out the back door last night as the storm was winding down.

This one was taken this morning from the back door.  A winter wonderland - the birds managed to rid the feeder of snow shortly after I took this. 
Isn't it cool how deep-blue the sky is the day after a storm exits the land?  It's like nature's way of apologizing for the darkness, although the snow falling and the calm of the woods has it's own beauty........

It may be chilly, but I'll make a better effort to fish this weekend.  The trout may be feeding opportunistically, because after a mess like we had this week, they have got to be hungry for any little morsal that happens to drfit past them! 

I'm thinking Chimarra caddis larva, their winter drift patterns should be well established by now.  Tie one on! 


Dylan Rose said...

Love the pic of the icicles. Stay warm. It's sunny in Seattle, I thought I smelled a hint of Spring in the air, but it could have just been the Febreze my sprayed on me.

Anonymous said...

"shut up and play yer guitar"....Joe Walsh...some odd drunkin' moment,, "It's winter.... me , tonight....add that at the end!