Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mr. Zug Made a Bug.......a Zug Bug it Was

Here's another fly tying video we made with Tightline Productions, of a very popular nymph that you all should be familiar with.  I tie it a little differently than you may have seen in the past, but I do so because it makes for a very durable fly. 

With this being Little-black Stonefly season, now is a great time to fish this ubiquitous imitation.  As for the deep, dark secrets Tim refers to in order to consistently obtain a thick peacock herl body, like most fly tying methods, they're really quite simple in practice. The issue really, is that it is very hard to translate the techniques clearly through video due to the subtleties that make that difference.  Keeping in mind that this is just fly tying, our perspective may be just a tad overstated, and our tongue in cheek is not to be ignored.  We'll figure it out, make a kick-ass video, and we'll send it along when we do.


Thread: 6/0 Danville Black
Tail: Peacock sword
Body: Peacock herl
Rib: Medium silver flat or round tinsel
Hackle: Dark mottled hen
Wingpad: Mallard or Woodduck flank

The original Bug tied by Mr. Zug, was tied with brown hackle fibers for the throat/hackle, and mallard flank for the wing.
Tie some up and fish them with confidence. 

Sharpen those hooks! 


Daniel said...

Very cool looking pattern, I have to try it for myself. Thanks for sharing.

Brk Trt said...

Great video of great fly.

Hacklebarney Jimmy said...

Fished this pattern on Friday and got a nice bow! Thanks Matt!

Anonymous said...

Great video guys!