Monday, January 28, 2013

Somerset Fly Fishing Show - Back From the Chaos

We're still recovering from another great show this past weekend.   It was three days of big crowds, seeing lots of old friends, and making new ones.  I did 5 seminars over the period, and thankfully, all of them were well attended.  This was the first time I did two different topics on fly fishing for trout, and I found that it takes much more concentration as there were times while speaking, I veered off into the other seminar topic and subject matter - not that it mattered much as the two topics are closely related.  It's hard not to get carried away when you're talking about something you love to do and share with others.  The bottom line is I have to stay on subject, or I can run out of time........50 minutes is not long and it goes by in a flash.  We'll tighten things up for the Lancaster show in a few weeks.
One of the best parts of tying flies throughout the weekend is that we get to share our favorite patterns, and the people that come to watch or ask questions, also teach us a thing or two.  (For instance, I dub wrong.)  Some guys also bring their flies to ask for tips or feedback, and show you what they have done after watching the videos we have made with Tightline Productions.
A young man, Doug Freemann, from Pennsylvania, brought a bunch of his flies to show me as he has been watching the videos to help him along, and this kid can tie a great fly!  He's about 14, and has some serious skills that belie his age.  He showed me a bunch of beadheads, flashback nymphs and a couple of articulated streamers, all tied well and very fishable.  Here's one if his flashback nymphs.               
Another tier, Dmitri Vinnik, who sits in on my Sunday morning classes at Shannon's Fly Shop, came by with what looks like a great Little-black Stonefly nymph that's a take on my Pumpkinhead Midge - the Pumpkinhead Stonefly.  The tails are black biots, the abdomen is black thread with a blue wire rib, and the thorax is dark blue ice dub.  He says it has worked well for this winter.  Looks like I need to tie some up for my own use.  Thanks, Dmitri.  
So we have two very nice nymph patterns, that are appropriate for this time of the year, as they will imitate the Little-black Stonefly nymphs so common in our rivers and streams.   I would imagine they will work throughout the year, too.
It was good to see everyone, thanks for stopping by, and I look forward to seeing you next year....or come on down to the Lancaster, PA show!
Sharpen your hooks.

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