Friday, May 31, 2013

Perhaps the Most Chilling Comment About Montana Stream Access I’ve Ever Read….

Our friends at Chi Wulff posted this today, and it's an important issue for all recreational river and stream users whether in Montana or anywhere else in this country.  Please click the link below and act accordingly to preserve public stream access.

“My client not only owns the land under the Ruby River in Montana. He owns the water in the river and the air above it. So, no member of the public has the right to be on the river running through  Mr. Kennedy’s property without his permission.”  
This is what I heard the lawyer for James Cox Kennedy say at the Montana Supreme Court hearing in Bozeman on April 29....

If you think this can't happen here, sit back and do nothing, let these people win, and then see how fast this kind of thinking spreads to your favorite waters.

Thank you.  Your children and their children, etc., also thank you.

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Mark McGlothlin said...

MG - Very Much appreciate the shout about this issue; Montana has long enjoyed being somewhat of a model for stream access in the country. The assault underway currently in the Ruby River case is nothing short of astounding given Montana case law and history.

Dig the blog; we'll get you on our links page list as soon as we get our reformat done.

Thanks again and you're welcome at our fire anytime.