Monday, June 2, 2014

Sulphurs Are On!

This year we are experiencing very good hatches of Sulphurs on New Jersey, PA and NY, rivers and streams.  The flies currently range in size from size #14 down to #18, most being the larger sizes.  As the days pass, the average size of the flies will decrease until most are #18's, and even 20's.  The hatches are happening very late in the day, near dusk and after, so be prepared to be out on the water after dark.  Carry a good lamp or flashlight for safety.  The other night I fished the SBR, and just as the sun's light was vanishing, the air over the river was filled with the little yellow mayflies, and the river began to boil with trout rising to the hatching insects. We caught some nice fish, all on Sulphur Usuals. Now that the hatch has been on, be sure to carry spinner imitations in addition to dun patterns.

So when the skies start to look like this....

Fish these, or another of your favorite Sulphur patterns....

And sharpen your hooks.       
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