Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Get Out and Fish!

Hopefully, if you're a fly fisherman, you can get out on a NJ or PA stream in the next couple of days. The weather is perfect and the Hendrickson hatch is peaking. The last couple of days I've received frantic phone calls from fishing friends that were on stream and nailing fish on top, telling me to ditch the office and join them. Between work and buying a home, that just isn't possible.

The hot flies have been Lawson's No-Hackle, Loop-winged emergers, Red Quills and CDC emergers. Late in the day a dark rusty or brown/black spinner will continue to take fish that have switched to the imagoes. In the morning and early afternoon, fish a dark Hare's Ear nymph, as the nymphs are very active in the water column as they prepare to hatch. The hatch has been starting between 2 and 3PM.

I'm heading into the city now. Let me know how you do.

Life is good. Go fish!

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