Monday, May 19, 2008

Fezzy Turned 80!

Yep, that's my mom. Turned 80 today - eight kids and too many grandkids to count. We had a surprise party for her Saturday night that was a huge success.

Why Fezzy? Her maiden name is Featherline and all of her friends from her childhood called her that, and still do! Here's a pic of Shirley and me at my sister's house. We went back there after the party to have cake and look at a slide show from when we were kids. Good stuff! And funny.

And the cake.................
My "little" sister Christina, my daughters Leigh and Megan (L-R) all pondering what it may be like when they are 80.

No group picture unfortunately, too many people and kids to manage that one.

So mom looks great, doesn't she? It's those fine Irish genes. Always smiling and never fails to find humor in her life, even after having eight kids.

Even Al was there! Great to see you Al. Come on out to the house. It's heaven out here! We have some parties planned once we get settled, and even a wedding by the pond. Who knows, maybe one of the neighbors horses will show up and drink from it again. Damn, in Summit it was dogs off the leash, and out here its horses. Maybe you don't have to lead a horse to water to get it to will do it on its own if given the opportunity. Sure did scare the crap out of the Koi!

Life is good. Love your mom. She brought you into this world, didn't she?

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