Monday, March 9, 2009

All Steelhead Should Be Returned To Whence They Came

With wild steelhead levels diminishing in just about every Pacific watershed, I do not understand why in the world the F & W brains don't make all wild steelhead fishing C&R. Wait until you read about this knucklehead and his record catch/kill. Do we really need to kill a fish to prove anything? How about a nice picture or two (holding the fish just out of the water - not over your knee or by squeezing the crap out of it) and maybe a measurement or two, and then let it GO? If you need a mount, send off the pictures to repro guy and have it done that way.......and help our struggling economy at the same time. Anyone that thinks holding a world record makes them a hero, needs to rethink their values. Can you say, malcathartic?

Read all about it here, courtesy of the Trout Underground, click away:

Fly Fishermen Catches, Kills World Record Steelhead; Intertubes Erupt

Life is Good. Let the damn fish go!

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