Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year

I could bore you senseless with words, instead I'll share a bunch of photos of the past year's highlights.

Trips to an East coast Eden in Pennsylvania's Poconos.

A classic pool tailor made for trout and fisherman alike.

The sky over the Musconetcong River on a cool February day.

The Musconetcong River in early May - nothing on top, but down under the trout were feeding just fine.

The South Branch of the Raritan River in June - ants were the trout candy of the day!

A nice brown about to be released.

One of the many wild brookies brought to hand.

Another shot of paradise.

The field trials - or My Dog is Better Than Your Dog Day.

I'm done boring you to tears, but I just had to post something as the rivers are icy, cold and only fishable by the hardiest of anglers.........or dumbest. 
We also hit a few bumps in the road.....................


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