Thursday, August 5, 2010

Back From Paradise

Just returned from Montana to the wonderful heat and humidity of good old New Jersey.  If you're thinking I'd much rather be there than here, you would be very right.  Only a few years until I/we make the move permanently.

Karen and I had a great time out there, although the fishing and the weather were as fickle as ever.  Some days the fishing was great, others it stunk up the place.  We had bright sun everyday, but it's duration varied and was typically interupted by dark skies and precipitation.  We had wind, rain, showers, and one day hail that was so big it hurt like hell when it hit you, even with a hat and rainjacket.  Don't get me wrong, the weather may have been down at times, but we pretty much took it in stride and had a wonderful time.  Karen and I spent time in Bozeman and on the Madison River, as well as several days in Yellowstone Park, and in Idaho.  Lots of good food, fishing, hiking and hanging out with our friends Bruce, Megan and J.B.

Got to run, but here's a pic of a rainbow to get you started.  Much more to come.................

Live, for just existing is a waste of life...............and sharpen your damn hooks!          

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