Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tying the Rusty Spinner - Two Tales

Today we are going all out to show you how to tie the venerable Rusty Spinner. In the first video, I tie it with a natural fur body, and snowshoe rabbit foot hair for the wings. It floats well without the use of floatant and the trout seem to like it just fine. In the second video, Tim Flagler ties it using all synthetics and finshes it off with floatant. It also floats well, and again, the trout seem to like it.

Is one better, or more effective, than the other? That's anyone's guess, or opinion - I'm thinking it depends on the individual angler and how they perceive the fly. If they have confidence in one style more than the other, then that is the "better" pattern for them.

Here's something that could be loads of fun to try out if you're into testing flies. Tie two identical tippets to the end of your leader, and then tie each of the two pattern styles to each of the tippets. Fish them both to a rising trout and see which one it prefers. Let us know how it works out.................

Either way, sharpen your hooks! 

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