Saturday, October 13, 2012

Tying the Thorax Style CDC Blue-winged Olive

Here's our latest tying video from Tightline Productions - the thorax style CDC Blue-winged Olive dry.  There are many mayfly species we call Blue-winged Olives and all of them seem to be a favorite on the trout's menu.  Generally, they have an olive-toned body that can range from light yellow-olive to dark brownish-olive, and everything in between, with slate blue-gray wings.  In most cases though, we tie them in a medium olive color with slate wings, as the trout seem to be less concerned with their color than some tyers.  There are times when it is necessary to match the body color more closely to the naturals, so feel free to tie them in any shade you wish, if the conditions where you fish warrant it.  Most species we call Blue-winged Olives tend to be #18-24, with some being larger, and some being as small as #28. 

Hook: Dai Riki #305 size #18
Thread: 6/0 Olive Danville
Wing: Natural gray CDC
Tail: Medium dun hackle fibers
Body: Medium olive Superfine
Hackle: Medium dun

The fall months are a prime period for hatches of Blue-winged olives, particularly on cloudy, showery days. In the Autumn, I typically will fish #18-22 in this style, and use patterns that are simpler to tie for the smaller ones that hatch his time of the year.  An olive or gray RS2 is a great small Blue-winged Olive pattern, which you will note in our RS2 video, I tie with CDC for the wing.  The reason I do this is that it allows me to fish the fly subsurface, or in the film, when trout are sipping the tiny insects off the surface.  In my experience, the buoyant CDC wing holds the fly just under the surface film much better than the webbing of a saddle hackle feather that is used on the original RS2.    
Tie some up, you'll likely need them in the weeks to come.
Sharpen your hooks!  


Andy Baird said...

A great pattern, expertly tied Matt. I love the segmentation you achieve with your dubbing ropes... Do you omit the wing on the very smallest ties? It may have been Marinaro that said the wing is not really visible and therefore unnecessary on #28's.

Enjoy the sport this fall. Season closes next Saturday here, and the outlook isn't too good here.


TomK said...

Another excellent video and tye, Matt. Perfect timing since I was just going to search for a BWO pattern. Thanks much! Best, Tom

Matt Grobert said...

Andy, Thanks much, I do carry small patterns that I tie with no wing. Sometimes I'll touch dub the thorax and leave it at that.

Tom, thanks, it been a constant n my boxes for years. Vincent ties them for all the mayfly hatches, only he uses dyed turkey flats for the wings - he catches plenty of fish on them, too!! Tie and fish RS2's as well.

Tight lines to you both,


Mr. Q said...

Great video..I'll be tying some of those, after having my usuals refused the other day....look forward too more, Thanks