Friday, July 26, 2013

The River Spoke

"......stillness conquers heat."  Tzo

Last evening I took a drive down to the South Branch to check it out now that the heat wave has passed and the last few nights have been cool.  After taking the temperature, I sat on a large flat rock that overlooks one of my favorite pools to watch the water and take in the sights and sounds that only a riverbank perch can yield.  The river was clear and flowing at its normal summertime level, the water temperature was a cool 65 degrees.   I imagine the trout were enjoying the respite from the recent high water temperatures, preferring to stay put and let the river wash away the heat of last week.         
The pool I watched until sunset normally has activity, but this night it was still; not a bug on the water or in the air, nor trout rising to feed.  Trees were still and the songbirds more subdued than they had been just a few short weeks ago.  I was glad I left my rod at home - the river clearly wished to be left alone.

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Mr. Q said...

What no singing Orioles?