Friday, June 6, 2008

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish.....

Yup, it's been a while since I sat and wrote on this thing. Busy is an understatement for my life right now, but its good and no complaints. We're getting the new house ready for the big party Friday night for the girls. Even so, I managed to get out fishing with Vinnie a few days ago.

Let's start with Obama-lama-ding-dong. Sure, I know many of you probably think he's great and I respect that. He is a gifted, moving speaker. However, I'm still not climbing into his boat and going along for the ride. His goals are not realistic and almost fantasy-like in that they are so lofty. And even if they were realistic, he has yet to really show us a clear plan to reach them. Who knows, maybe now that he has the nomination sewed up, he'll surprise us. Wake me up if and when he comes to.

As for Hillary, she's just nuts. Good intentions but too self-contained. Who told her narcissism was a good quality for a president? Bill?

Now for the good stuff! I picked up Leigh tonight for the weekend and out the front door comes Megan with a big, red leather binder in her hands. She got her diploma from Miami U today! One down and two to go..........what a great kid she is.

And lastly, since I'm being summoned to get some sleep so I can get everything ready for the party tomorrow night, the fishing. Caught some nice browns the other night, all on dries. Vinnie also did well. Lots of sulphurs, some cahills, a few different kinds of caddis, and a fair number of isonychia's were on the water. I got most of my fish on a caddis emerger in the film early on, and then as darkness approached I switched to a sulphur dun and killed them. A few of the fish topped 16 inches.Got to run. Next up, pictures and highlights of the graduation bash for two daughters!

Life is good. Love your kids and go fish!

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