Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Which Way Does the Wind Blow?

Do you ever wonder if the politicians have their own thoughts or ideals? Do they really think we're stupid?

It seems to me that they lick their finger and stick it up in the air before every speach. I think they may even get out of bed in the morning and do just that. They research what they think the crowd du jour is going to buy, and then they go with that.

What is that? It's a bunch of crap is what it is.

Just once I would like one of the candidates to speak from the heart on how they really feel about an issue or issues. Just once I would love to hear one of them tell us in their own words what they really think about what needs to be done to move the country in a positive direction and why. And then tell us how they intend to do that.

Stuff the polls and who thinks you should do this or that in your saddle bag and get real. We know the country won't change overnight, just have a plan and stick to it. Leave religion, the lobbyists and the contributors out in the cold, and give us something that isn't slanted or puffed up because you think you need to please every one of us or tell us what someone else is telling you we want to hear.

Is that too much to ask?

On another note we have new visitors to the homestead. Hummingbirds, tiny fleet-winged, feathered nectar seekers. Their bodies shimmer like a peacock's tail as they hover at bright colored flowers to take the sweet, syrupy juices that power those vibrating wings. Amazing birds they are. Stopping and starting on a dime. I smile every time I see one. If I didn't have to work to pay for this place, I might just sit on the deck all day long and watch nature come and go.

Life is good. Just do it with your eyes open.

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