Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Get the Hell Out of My Water!

So I check my blog this morning because I had a comment to last night's post, or so I thought.  Instead I find some author of a new book on fly fishing has posted an excerpt from the book and a link to his website, where you can read about him and how wonderful he is, and buy his book.

What the hell is that!?  Well, I'll tell you what it is to me.  It is like fishing a quiet pool where a pod of trout are rising, minding your own business, and occasionally catching one.  Then some guy comes along and wades in across from you and starts fishing over that same pod of feeding trout!  Not cool at all.  Go find your own fish, jackass. 

Enough said, it's deleted, gone, I won't even provide any clues to the poacher or his book.

Sharpen your hook!     


micah said...

That's funny as hell!

anonimoose said...

who's book do i need to buy?? Lmao