Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lots of Water, No Fishing

Not much to write home about after a weekend of torrential rains.  We did go to a rocking St. Patrick's Day party last night - live music and great food.  This morning we went to breakfast and then cruised the local rivers.  This is Upper Rockaway Creek down the hill from my house.  Normally, a gentle freestone stream, it was quite unhappy with all the rain and snow melt it had to deal with.  That rivulet coming off the hill in the center of the photo was non-existant before Saturday.  Nothing like a good spring cleansing.

The next two are the South Branch of the Raritan River below Califon.  See that tree with the sign, I sometimes park next to that and then walk down the bank to the river.  The road was impassable from this point on.  

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