Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Very Simple Scud

I like to tie my scuds using a very simple method - because I use them a lot, and lose them a lot.  I make a dubbing loop at the bend of my hook, insert dubbing, and twist it into a chenille-like rope before wrapping it forward to the eye.  I then clip the back and sides as shown here, and its finished.  I also will add wire weight to the shank on some, before I dub the fly.  When wet, this fly is very translucent and impressionistic.       

I tie them in gray/olive, tan and pale orange.  I haven't tried pink, but may based on Mick Hall's experience - see previous post below.
There are all kinds of scud patterns, so tie the ones that appeal to you, and see what ones work best when you fish them - you may already know this. 
Sharpen your hooks!


Anonymous said...

What do you use for the dubbing? Please.

Matt Grobert said...

The mix I use mostly is 2:1:1 of: Red Fox Squirrel back and side fur with guard hairs left in: white or clear antron: olive antron.

Bill said...

Pretty cool, reminds me of Shenk's Cress Bug.