Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Fly Fishing Show - Lancaster, PA

This coming weekend, March 2 & 3, the final fly fishing show of the season is being held at the Lancaster Convention Center, in downtown Lancaster.  I have a pretty full schedule there with presentations and shifts in the author's booth both days, and on Saturday at 3:00pm, I'll be the Featured Fly Tyer.  That's where they set you up in a room with a camera on your vise, and a microphone on your collar, and the tying action is shown on a big screen to hopefully a decent sized audience.  I'll be demonstrating a few relatively straightforward methods  I use to tie extended body dry flies using flank feathers, elk, and moose body hairs for the tail extension.

Last year, the first year in this location, we had a blast, and this year with word having got out, it should be even better.   Click the  LINK to the right under "Whereabouts" for the full disclosure relating to the event, and the times you can catch me away from my tying station behaving fairly civilized. 

Come on out and see the whole show, and stop by and say hello to me and the rest of the gang tying on "Murderers Row" - easily identified by shaving, grooming and fine dress being optional (showering and brushing of the ivories is not optional).  We will be sharing tying tricks and secrets, telling stories lies about big fish and awesome trips to find them, laughs, and generally harassing each other for no other reason than we can get away with it. 

Hope to see you at the show.

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