Friday, April 25, 2014

An Afternoon with Douglas

It's been a while since Doug and I have fished together, so I headed out to PA to fish with him on Tuesday afternoon to hit a few limestone creeks.  As usual, it was a day full of fishing and conversation.  We covered lots of water and lots of topics, most of them fishing related but some just about life in general.  We had a great time, caught fish, got wet from intermittent rain showers and I even got Doug to fish a dry using my 2 weight!  Most of the time he practiced his comp style nymphing, as he is getting ready for a competition this Saturday sanctioned, by Trout Legend and organized by Douglas himself. Here he is practicing his craft on Tuesday.

I fished dries almost exclusively, having only fished nymphs since the first of the year. Douglas fished a 10 foot 3 weight, and as usual did very well. He caught most of his fish on Walt's Worms and Quill Nymphs (we recently made a tying video on this one). In last 14 months, Doug has steadily improved his technique and mental focus on the river, and has become quite adept at fishing the two nymph rig he favors so much - the set up conforms to to competition rules.  I tease about the dry fly fishing; the reality is that he does quite well fishing dries, and dry dropper rigs. I did well fishing a dark Caribou Caddis #16.

We had a good afternoon on the water all around, and he is well-prepared for Saturday's comp.  Look for our report on it early next week.  Tim Flagler will also be filming the event so you can look forward to seeing exactly what takes place when a group of anglers get together for a day on the water to test their skills against one another.

Sharpen your hooks!        

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