Sunday, April 6, 2014

One Fly or Two - Food for Thought

Here's an interesting article by John Juracek of Blue Ribbon Flies, with his take on fishing one or two flies at a time.  I typically fish only one fly at a time, rarely fishing two, and only when nymphing.     

Link: One Fly or Two?

I'm going fishing today, it's about time!  I look forward to putting up a report here for once.....

Sharpen your hooks!


Jake said...

I can see his point about dry fly drag. I never fish two dry flies at once. I have been nymphing with a two fly rig for most of my sub surface fishing unless I am fishing a very small pocket in the stream.

Mr. Q said...

I fish one fly always....I am way too lazy to tie another knot!

Doug Freemann said...

One fly for pocket water as when you fish two flies in short pockets the two flies get pulled in different seems causing the flies to drag underwater, which fish don't like.

Two flies for almost everything else for a multitude of reasons..

Three flies when I am fishing an emerging nymph or fishing very deep, fast water. There are other occasions however.