Sunday, July 19, 2015

Rained Out

Yesterday morning I left the house at dawn to pick up my son before heading out to the Lehigh Valley to hit the trico hatch.  About halfway to his house the sky opened up, lighting flashed, thunder crashed and traffic slowed.  By the time I pulled into the driveway some fifteen minutes later the rain had slowed to a sprinkle.  Matt loaded his gear into my trunk and we were on the way.  I tempered his optimism some, as I knew it was likely the creek would be off color from the downpour.  If I were alone, I would have turned around.  But this was time with my son and if nothing else I could show him one of my favorite spring creeks and let him see how summer rainstorms can change your plans in an instant.

When we pulled along side of the creek, it was higher than normal and very turbid, visibility was down to the end of your nose....maybe.  I showed him some of the spots I like to fish and told him how years ago a storm like this may have raised the level a little and made the water a little cloudy, but now with all the development surrounding the watershed the run-off was increased by the greater amount of impermeable surfaces - pavement and concrete along and storm water systems that direct water down into the valley and eventually the creek.   Before the development, the earth absorbed much more of the water, and what water did flow down the hillsides was slowed by wooded areas that retained the top soil that now washes into the creek and quickly discolors it.  Progress?

On the way back I showed him a bunch of spots I like to fish on the Musconetcong River, and we stopped for breakfast.  We didn't fish, but it was a good morning spent with my son talking fishing, flies, and how to fish the various spots I showed him along the way.

We plan to go back out in the very near future when the heat breaks.  Fortunately, although it isn't what it once was, the creek still harbors wild trout and decent hatches.   

Sharpen your hooks. 

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