Thursday, March 13, 2008

First the Birds, and now the Buds and Bugs

The sights and sounds of the coming spring are mounting as we add days to the year.

We talked about the morning chorus in previous posts, and now........

I look out my window here and I see the buds on the maple tree expanding with the fluids of life daily. Right now they are a deep, purpley brown in color.

AND the Blue-winged Olives, genus Baetis, have begun to hatch in earnest almost daily along with Little-black and now brown stoneflies. Remember, the timing for most hatches is that they occur during the most pleasant time of the day. Right now, that means early to mid-afternoon.

Its also important to know that the BWO's that hatch this time of the year tend to take their time hatching and leaving the water surface. So, when you see them hatching and the fish taking them, don't go straight to an adult imitation. Fish an emerger instead, preferably one that sits right in the surface film and that gives a clear impression of a dark wing bulge at the thorax. Keep it simple. Sparse tail, dark brown/olive dubbed body and thorax, and a ball of dark gray poly for the emerging wing. If you feel the need for hackle, wrap a couple of turns of medium dun around the base of the ball parachute style. I also like to fish a no-hackle dun for this hatch.

Go get them and have fun doing it.

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