Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I'm beat, but it's been too long since I vented on our state of affairs. So here's a quickie.....

Hillary - Open mouth insert both feet. What the heck is wrong with this gal? How stupid do you have to be to not know that every move you have made the last 16 years has been memorialized by multiple camera crews? It's one thing to embellish a story, but she wasn't talking about a fishing trip with the boys and she caught a big one.....she just told a big one.

Obama lama-ding-dong - He is running on a platform of hope and change. Yup, he HOPES the people who back him won't CHANGE their minds in November when they realize he really has no substantive plan to bring the ideas he so eloquently speaks about to fruition.

J.S. McCain - Chameleon man. What color will he be tomorrow? The guy needs to figure out where his own compass points to, and follow it unfailingly. Seems he gets up everyday and goes in the direction he thinks will get him the most "atta boy"s. Problem is, no one can follow you when the trail you are blazing back-tracks all the time...........either they run into you, or they tell you to get out of the way.

Tomorrow..........fly tying 101. Had a lot of interesting conversations with fellow fly tyers at Shannon's on Saturday and just about all of them had one thing in common...thread control. See you then.

Life is good. Go fishing and make it better.

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