Monday, March 10, 2008

We can think, yet don't. And trout can't think, but some like to think they do....

Go figure.

How ironic, we humans have a neural system that permits us to use our senses (sight, sound, smell, etc), think (analyze), and then make a decision based on those thoughts. Yet some of us do everything but use that system. Especially politicians. I'm too tired to talk about idiots in government except to say that if you think I'm wrong, here's proof - Bush "thinks" the US economy is fine, Spitzer "thinks" with his dick, Hillary "thinks" she will be in a position to offer Obama lama-ding-dong the Vice Presidency, and many others "think" global warming is political hype proffered by liberals and tree huggers. Enough of that............

Now for the trout. I read everything I can about all kinds of stuff and a good portion of it is about fly fishing, trout, and related stuff. One of my pet peeves is how many fishing writers seem to "think" that trout "think". As in when thetrout sees one of our artificial flies they surmise, "Hey, that looks edible. I'm going to swim over to it and suck it in and swallow it." Or, "That fly is not drifting like it's natural, I'm out of here." Or, "What's that walking into my hole? Hmmm, I don't like it, I'm going to sulk here on the bottom and not move until it goes away."

News flash......trout do not think. They do not have language, thoughts, or any other means to process information in their brains that may remotely resemble cognitive activity. What they do have are finely tuned senses and instincts that have developed over many thousands of years of natural selection. In other words, trout react to external stimuli in either a positive or a negative way depending on how their instincts have been tuned over generations and by recent events.

I also believe that trout have a memory of sorts. Not like ours, but in the sense that they "remember" recent positive or negative events. This also is a form of instinctual behavior in that what they are remembering is more of a recognition of both good and bad experiences.

I could go on in more depth, and I have, but that stuff I'm saving for a later publication.

And fishing? Nada. Went to Cromwell, CT on Friday for a conference with intentions to fish the Farmington River when it was over on Saturday. But the near hurricane we had made the river resemble roaring chocolate milk. The Housatonic was no better, so I headed home earlier than intended, which was no picnic in that mess. At least it wasn't snow!

Here in Jersey, many of the rivers reached flood stage, or near flood stage, so that was out for Sunday, too. The rivers need a good flushing once in a while. At least I "think" they do. And come to think of it, do you think the fish think that high, turbid water is a bummer on a Saturday? Or do they just hunker down and dream about how in a few days the water will clear and they won't have to find a soft spot in the current to save energy and be safe?

I wonder if trout dream............

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