Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fly Lines - Part 2 of 2 If Seen One, Have You Seen Them All?

And now for the rest of the story - from Singlebarbed. Why would fly line manufacturers be any different than say cereal makers, or drug companies, whose single motivating factor is $$.

Advertising copy used by fly line makers are slicker than their line coatings. Features they tout on the box are shared by other lines in their product suite, many of their tapers are similar, and there’s no standard to judge words like; longer, shorter, and slicker.

Read it all here: Part 2 of 2 : Is the fly line industry running out of superlatives?

Life is Good. Do your homework, read the fine print, and don't take anything you are told by someone selling you something at face value.......that includes love - make them prove it.

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Unknown said...

I buy all my lines out of the sale bin. Your line doesn't matter. Leaving the house with clean socks and underwear on every morning DOES.

Wear your helmet!