Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Jersey Monthly Magazine - On the Fly

I have mixed feelings about this article for which I was interviewed at length, and quoted therein. On the one hand, the Ken Lockwood Gorge, which is maybe 30 miles outside of NYC, is such a beautiful, and secluded place it should be shared. On the other hand, it is already loved to near its breaking point. The reality though is, it is much more likely to be preserved when it is loved by many, then if it was loved only by a select few, given its location.

If you have never fished, walked or biked "The Gorge", you should. You'll be pleasantly surprised at the beauty of the place - a free flowing, rock filled, whispering river hugged by steep hemlock and hardwood covered inclines that shut out the busy world only a short drive away. Birds, ducks, otters, beavers, herons, frogs and other wildlife move about its sheltered confines as though they were far, far away from the civilized world. If you go, just be sure to take only memories and photographs, and leave only footprints.


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