Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Quiet Easter

Having done the family holiday weekend stuff Friday night and yesterday, Karen and I had planned to go out to a trout stream today, where I would fish while she sat in the warm spring sun and studied for this weeks pediactrics final exam. Well, after a lazy morning and a late breakfast, we headed out. The air was crisp and cold, the sky was deep blue, and the wind was high.

We checked some spots on a local river and then decided to go over to the Ken Lockwood Gorge and see what was going on there. The wind was blowing and the wind chill was in the low 30s, so we decided to just go for a walk down the dirt road that runs along the river. The gorge was chilly, but filled with sun, and almost void of people and fishermen. We saw two fishermen, and this is opening day weekend. I knew Easter would keep the crowds down, but I guess the cold really kept people home.....the place needed a break, I'm sure, after yesterday.

We walked until our faces were red and ears frozen, then headed home. It's a short drive through woods and farms, and small stream bridges. I took this photo of one our neighbors farms as it captures the kind of day it was - just add sounds of songbirds and the sweet smell of spring carried by a cool breeze, and you too can be in the NJ countryside.

Life is Good. Nothing like spending a quiet day with your wife. I'll hit the rivers tomorrow afternoon.

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